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Job Overview: Video Game Designer

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Designers often prototype on paper first.

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More than any other job in the game industry, a Designer needs to have an incredibly deep and wide understanding of video games. You can only get that kind of insight by playing a ton of games, analyzing them, discussing them with other design-minded people and, eventually, by making your own games so you can learn through trial and error.

On a given day as a Designer, you’ll do things such as:

  • Talk about and advocate for your design with producers, programmers, and artists
  • Play competitors’ games to analyze and understand their strengths and shortcomings
  • Write sections of game design documents (GDDs) to help explain your design to your team
  • Play the current version (build) of the game and make notes on how the design or implementation can be improved
  • Work in software such as Microsoft Excel, XML editor, or custom tools, to create or tweak the numeric data that drives game play

It can be challenging to start out as a designer unless you’ve already created some games, or have a degree or certificate from a game design school. Some designers start out as QA Testers or Production Assistants, and move into a design role once they prove that they have a talent for it.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to analyze games and truly understand what makes them a big hit or a big flop, then this is the job for you. Start your career by checking out the top game design schools in the country. Just type your zip below for free info.

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Image: Chestnut Viz Think/flickr

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  1. michael austn says:

    if you are 14 years old are you still able to do this

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