Game Industry Career Guide Podcast

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Welcome to the Game Industry Career Guide Podcast, where I answer your questions about getting a job, and building your career making video games.

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2 comments on “Game Industry Career Guide Podcast
  1. Max says:

    Hello, I don’t miss an episode of your podcast ever since the first one. I am a programmer by trade, although I enjoy everything that’s discussed here. I have a question: What are some specific examples of demos you could prepare for different game programming positions? For example, I got some excellent ideas for my AI programming demos from your website, could you provide some specific examples that a Hiring Manager would like to see for specific positions, say Gameplay Programmer, Graphics Programmer, Tools Programmer, to name a few? Thanks a lot and keep up the excellent work.

    • Jason W. Bay says:

      There’s no specific formula for what to put in your portfolio — the main goal is to show hiring managers that you’re serious, that you’ve learned some things in the subject area, and that you have the motivation to follow through and finish your demos. Here’s an article about graphics programmer portfolios. For tools programming, you could write a plug-in for a digital content creation package like Maya or SketchUp. For game play, you could write small simulations that show off a particular algorithm like an A* pathfinder, or a simple single-player game like Asteroids. Be sure to keep it small enough and simple enough that you actually finish the work!

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