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The Path to Success in Games is Rarely a Straight Line

"I can't tell you how many times I get told no, it just makes me try harder every time someone says I can't do something. Find a way."

“It just makes me try harder every time someone says I can’t do something. Find a way.”

The following blog post was written by Kristofor Durrschmidt, co-founder, CEO and creative director of Crazy Viking Studios, an indie game development shop in the Seattle area.

Kris Durrschmidt: As a kid whose imagination exploded playing Atari 2600 and reading Conan the Barbarian comics, I never thought in a million years that I would be exactly where I am today, living this crazy dream where I get to make fun things that millions upon millions of people have played (and hopefully enjoyed).

It was not a direct path. These are jobs I have held, in chronological order, with life-long aspirations of working in Comic Books and/or Video Games. There is a reason I am sharing all this information, I will explain at the bottom. Read more ›

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Which video game job pays the most, and what education is required?

In this episode of Game Industry Career Guide Podcast, I answer a question from Mark O., who asks, “I’m wondering, in game development, which is the highest paying job, and how much experience would I need? And what would I have to study in college to get on my way to this job?”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Which video game jobs have the highest annual salaries
  • Which game jobs require a college education, and which ones are more flexible
  • Why one of the game jobs is the easiest way to start out

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What are the best job websites to post my video game resume or CV?

In this episode of Game Industry Career Guide Podcast, our question is from Mark H. who asks, What are the best job websites to post my video game resume?

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why posting your resume to a job board isn’t enough (not even close!)
  • What exactly happens when you post your resume or CV, and why it’s bound to disappoint you
  • How to change from a passive job search to an active search
  • My top 3 recommendations for the best websites for video game jobs

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Best Cities for Video Game Development Jobs

This article is part of our Video Game Job Hunt Guide. Read the full guide to learn how to write a strong resume, build a winning portfolio, ace your job interviews and more.

Video game developers walking through a Japanese city

Once you open your mind, there’s no telling where your video game career might take you.

If you’re looking for a new job making video games, I hope you’re thinking seriously about which cities around the world to include in your search.

Why? Because although there are over 2,000 game development studios around the world, not all cities are created equal. Some stand clearly apart from the rest when it comes to game development. They’re known as “game development hotbeds” because they contain more game dev studios – and more game jobs – than any others.

Wherever you happen to live right now, you’ll want to consider moving to a video game development hotbed. In fact, the city where you find your next job might be the most important decision you make in your entire career. Here’s why. Read more ›

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How can I get a job testing video games from home (and avoid getting scammed)?

In this episode of Game Industry Career Guide Podcast, I answer a question from Autrey, who wants to know how she can get a job testing video games from home, but also avoid getting ripped off by a game testing scam?

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s hard to find video game testing jobs that let you work from home
  • How to identify game testing websites that are actually just scams trying to rip you off
  • How you can quickly learn how to test games and apply for the best jobs as a video game tester

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Quest for Your Career: Which Game Job Is Right for You?

239923_1568Do you want to work in the video game industry, but you aren’t sure which jobs are out there? Do you wonder which game job would be the best fit for your unique interests and personality?

Or maybe you know what you want to do – but you don’t know how to get started?

The Quest for Your Career series can help. Each week, we’ll focus on one of nearly 30 jobs in the video game industry across several job families including art, design, programming, testing, production, and more. Each interview features an experienced industry veteran who tells all about what the job is, what it takes, and how you can start preparing right now. Read more ›

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Video Game Careers

House in the middle of a big city

Which path will lead to your home in the game industry?

If you love video games, it’s natural to be interested in making them. Especially if you’re in school and thinking about your future career, you’re probably wondering: “Could I get a job in the video game industry?”

The short answer is, Yes. But here’s the catch: There are many different jobs in the video game industry. Which ones would you be good at? Which would be the best fit for your personality?

You might be surprised at how many different jobs there are on a game team. Take a look at the careers available in video games, listed below with links to more info on each one. You may not have heard of them, but they’re worth looking into. Because one of these jobs might be a perfect fit for you. Read more ›

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How To Become A Video Game Tester (FAQ)

Video game testers find a huge dead bug

Are you skilled enough to handle the really big bugs?

Of all the jobs in the game industry, I get the most questions about how to become a video game tester. Maybe it’s the appeal of “getting paid to play video games.” Maybe it’s just an interesting option for people hoping to work from home doing something they love. I mean, who wouldn’t dream of getting paid to play games all day?

Even though being a QA tester for a game company isn’t exactly “getting paid to play video games,” it’s not a bad way to earn a living. And it’s certainly a common way for newbies to break into the game industry.

If you’re thinking about becoming a video game tester, this is for you. I’ve compiled this FAQ-style list of the top questions I get about QA testing jobs. If you don’t find your question here, be sure to ask it in the comments section below – I’ll answer it, and then add it to the list!

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Top 20 Free, Easy Resources for Building Your Video Game Career

Find game schools near you

The Internet is full of info about the game industry. But only a handful of resources cut through the noise to offer current, practical information to help you get a job and grow your career in games. And they’ll save you a lot of time and effort along the way.

The resources below are the cream of the crop, and come recommended by top game schools and industry professionals. And – bonus! – most of them are absolutely free. Enjoy!

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