About the “Find Game Schools” Widget

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What is the Find Game Schools widget?

Throughout this site, you can use the “find schools” widget to request information from game schools that are nearby your home or online. If you’re thinking about starting or building your career in video game design, art, programming or audio, it’s a good first step to gathering information.

How does it work?

You start by typing in your zip/postal code. This is how it finds schools near you. It will give you a list of schools that might meet your needs, and you can select one or more that seem interesting.

Next, you’ll be asked some questions to help narrow things down. Such as how much schooling you’ve had already, when you’re thinking about starting, and what type of degree or courses you’re considering.

Once you’ve answered all the questions, your information will be sent to the school(s) you’ve selected and they’ll contact you with the info you’ve requested.

Is it some sort of advertisement? Will I get spammed?

No, you will not get spammed. When you fill out the info request form, you’ll be contacted by an actual representative of the school(s) you selected. They will give you relevant information about their school and courses, and can answer any questions you might have.

Is this how the website makes money?

Yes. Most websites pay for their time and hosting fees by littering every page with advertisements, but I think ads are annoying and they make the website look cheesy. I like the Find Schools widget because it’s helpful for everybody involved.

  • You benefit by getting information and personal contact with schools that can help you start your career
  • Game schools benefit by finding potential students who are already interested in the courses they offer
  • We benefit by getting a small commission every time we connect an interested student with a relevant school

I think it’s a great service for our readers, and much less annoying than plastering the site with banner ads for Viagra or weight loss pills. If you’re thinking about a game dev education, please give it a try.

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